Sexual Predator & San Diego Deputy Richard Fischer Faces 5 New Charges

San Diego Deputy Richard Fischer- faces 5 additional charges mostly involving on-duty sexual misconduct & abuse of power under the color of authority San Diego Deputy Richard Fischer’s legal situation worsens. Fischer, already facing allegations from 13 women, who accuse Fischer of inappropriately touching, fondling, hugging and kissing them while on-the-job, was re-arrested Thursday morning on suspicion of 5 additional felony counts, including suspicion of sexual assault.  Facing numerous allegations, Fischer is accused of abusing his position of power to

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San Diego DUI charge can also lead to Murder charge if someone killed

In San Diego California, if you were convicted of DUI, Driving with .08% BAC or reckless driving, alcohol-related (“wet reckless), you get a new DUI and someone dies, you could be charged with murder: “Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or both, impairs my ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, and it is extremely dangerous to human life to drive while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or both.  If I continue to drive while under

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Uber may not reduce San Diego DUI but is still good idea

Are drinkers rational enough to decide to call an Uber rather than risk driving? Probably not as much as they should be. Even a taxi is cheaper than a DUI. There remains the issue of how safe is it to get in an Uber vehicle? There’s a recent study by University of Southern California & Oxford University which doubts that ride-sharing has cut drunk driving rates down. Uber drivers have been known to camp outside bars while taxis are not

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“Most Feared San Diego DUI Lawyer,” 1 of “10 Best DUI Attorneys in California”

The San Diego DUI Lawyer was recently named as one of the Best DUI Lawyers in San Diego. Now he has been selected by De Medici Ratings as one of America’s “Most Feared Lawyers.” Only a few select attorneys will ever attain this distinction.  This honor is based on unaffiliated peer,opponent, and client reviews in certain geographical markets such as San Diego California.  The selection process is only available to attorneys who demonstrate the highest level of advocacy in their chosen fields. Many

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California’s 2018 Recreational Marijuana Legal Guide

Here’s your new Guide to marijuana.  In California, New Year’s Day 2018 sees big changes  with California’s Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act. Now you’re allowed to possess, transport, and share up to 1 ounce of marijuana and 8 grams of cannabis concentrate, plus grow 6 plants at your residence. Passed by voters in November 2016, Proposition 64 legalized recreational marijuana for  California folks 21 and older. What does that mean for smokers who drive? As recently as

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Drunk driving declines, while Driving with Marijuana rises

It looks like California is going to legalize marijuana soon. That does not mean you can get really stoned and then drive but you will be able to transport and possess a small amount of marijuana. If you smoke some, you should be able to drive as you long as you are driving fine. Marijuana DUI is difficult to prove scientifically in California. The government study released found no evidence that marijuana use leads to a higher risk of getting

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Police use oral fluid drug-screening tests if probable cause for DUI?

A California legislator proposes a new DUI – drugs law designed to crack down on drugged drivers. California Senate Bill 1462 would allow police to use oral fluid drug-screening tests on drivers if there is probable cause a driver is impaired and the driver has also failed sobriety field tests. Keep in mind field tests are voluntary so this would be a good reason for drivers to not volunteer to try to perform F.S.T.’s! “Drugged driving is quickly becoming a serious

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Why Marijuana DUI is hard to scientifically prove

Unless you are not driving with the caution characteristic of a sober person in California, a San Diego DUI – Marijuana charge should not be pursued. Marijuana driving is fine as long as your driving is fine. Scientific Reasons why marijuana can not be relied on in a San Diego California DUI prosecution begin with sound conclusions drawn by a former senior official with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Dr. Jim Hedlund: “The relations between a drug’s presence in

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San Diego County DUI Law Center Google Reviews for San Diego DUI .com Attorney

San Diego County DUI Law Center, a PC, Google Reviews for San Diego DUI 4660 La Jolla Village Dr #500, San Diego, CA 92122 Mark G 2015 San Diego DUI .com team is very good at communicating/responding with you quickly via email. I was facing very stiff punishment for my (1st and what will be my only) DUI, my BAC was a lot higher than i expected and this made the punishment very severe. I informed San Diego DUI .com of a

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Can an Employer Fire You for a San Diego DUI Arrest prior to a conviction?

Yes. A California Employer can terminate your employment for a San Diego DUI arrest before any conviction. Labor Code Section 432.7 prohibits an employer from (1) asking an employee to disclose information about an arrest or a detention that did not result in a conviction and (2) basing any condition of employment, including a job offer, promotion, or termination, on a record of arrest or a detention that did not result in a conviction. California Labor Code Section 432.7 prevents

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