San Diego DUI Attorney Evaluation

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This important San Diego DUI / DMV defense consultation form begins the necessary process, so you may continue to live your life the way you want.

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1. Did DUI police give you a Pink DMV “Administrative Per Se Order of Suspension”?

2. Has DMV been called to request a hearing?

[Wait.  Only your San Diego DUI Attorney should contact DMV for a hearing.]

If a hearing was already scheduled, when?

3.  Any previous detention or Prior arrest for DUI?

4. Which Date & Time did cop detain you in this case ?

5. Why did the cop claim you were contacted or stopped?

– Weaving

– Speeding

– In an accident – Apparent or probable injury to person(s)

– In an accident – No injury to anyone; no medical treatment

– DUI checkpoint or roadblock

– The cop did not indicate a reason
Other reason

6. Did cop observe you drive?
I do not know

7. Did you admit to any cop that you drove?
I do not remember making any such statement

8. What kind of alcoholic beverage(s) did you drink?

If different alcohol

9. How many drinks total? (one drink is equal to a 12 ounce beer, a regular glass of wine, or 1 shot-1 1/4 ounces-of hard liquor)?:

10. About when did you finish your alcohol?

I do not remember

11. What time did you indicate to the cop you stopped drinking?

12. Which drugs or prescription medications did you take, if any?


 Not applicable

13. Did you eat before the arrest?


14. Which field sobriety coordination tests did you do:

– Follow pen or finger (or other object) with your eyes

 – Stand with eyes closed, feet together, head tilted back

– Stand on one foot

– Hand pat

– Finger count

– Stating ABC’s

– Walk a straight line and turn
– Touch nose with finger
15. Did you blow in cop’s hand-held breath test?

What field result did cop indicate, if any

 The cop did not tell or show any number

16. Did you satisfactorily do the tests as instructed by the cop?
I do not know

17. Once the cop handcuffed (arrested) you, about how many minutes passed before your blood or breath test at the police office or jail?

18. What kind test at the police location?
No Chemical Test Taken

What did the cop indicate as the BAC or result?

I do not know

19. If cop indicated you were a Refusal, what happened?

I may have indicated I refused blood or breath after arrested.

I refused when we were driving in the car to the test location.

I refused at the test location.

 I refused when we were at the test location, but the cop did not say my license would be suspended if I refused.

The cop told me my license will be suspended if I refuse a blood or breath test, and I refused anyway.

The cop got a warrant to take my blood.



20. For any breath test at office or jail, did cop continuously observe you for 15 minutes just before you blew into the machine?
I do not know

If 15 minutes went by after arriving at breath machine location, what were you and the cop doing during the 15 minutes before the test?


21. What type of law enforcement officer was the arresting officer (the one who gave you tests, handcuffed you, took you to jail)?:

Arresting officer’s last name

22. City where arrest/detention took place

Which San Diego County Court?

23. When is your court date?:

24. Contacted another San Diego DUI lawyer?

25. Would you like to avoid losing your driving privileges and/or a DUI conviction?

26. Did you know I may be able to successfully defend a DMV and/or DUI case?

27. Did you know a DUI conviction and/or DMV suspension may mean significant insurance premium increases and/or cancellation?

*Your Name:

*Email Address:

Your Home Address:




*Cell Phone:

*Date of Birth:

*Driver License Number and State:


Place of Employment:


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San Diego DUI Attorney Evaluation July 7, 2015