San Diego DUI Victories

(partial list)

Name BAC% Type of Test/Other


Alvis 0.15 Blood, Excessive Speed, Faulty Equipment
Anastasio drugs Blood/Unlawfully Parked
Arana 0.03 Breath – Under 21/Speeding
Arcia 0.14 Breath/Accident
Arredondo Neg Op Excessive P
Arredondo 0.21 Blood/Weaving
Babauta .08/.09 Breath
Bafi 0.16 Breath/Improper U-turn
Balmer .08/.07 Breath/California roll+ Prior
Becerra .01/.01 Breath/Trespass – Under 21
Beglinger .08/.07 Breath/Ran out of gas
Bethone Drugs Blood/Rear-end collison – Injury
Boaz 0.08 Blood/Prior/Wrong Way on Freeway
Borrero 0.13 Breath/Excessive speed + Prior
Boughner .10/.06 Blood + Breath/Speeding
Brady 0.13 Blood + Prior
Brown 0.06 Blood/DUI Checkpoint
Burgess 0.16 Blood/Almost Struck Another Vehicle/p>
Calhoun 0.13 Breath + Blood/Ran stop sign, high beams
Camper .08/.07 Breath
Charris .09/.08 Breath/DUI Checkpoint
Cherico .14/.15 Breath + Blood/Accident
Clopine 0.14/MJ Blood/Sleeping in parked car
Coulthard 0.22 Breath/Weave/No signal/Speed
Damshen 0.08 Breath/Illegal Right Turn
Defelico 0.14 Breath/Ran out of gas + Prior
DeGuzman .18/.16 Blood/Breath/No Headlights
Diaz Drugs Blood/Accident
Dolan 0.22 Blood/Speed/Straddle + Prior
Dressler 0.07 Blood/Weaving/No FST’s
Earehart 0.07 Blood/Accident
Einhorn 0.07 Blood/Report of severe weaving & collision
English 0.17% Blood/Accident
Ericson Drugs Blood/Breath + Hit & Run
Even 0.23 Blood/Erratic per citizen
Fall 0.23 Blood/Accident
Farrah 0.06 Blood/Accident
Florick Ambien, .01 Blood, Accident
Fredriksen Refusal Accident
Galloway 0.04 Breath/DUI Probation Violation
Garcia .08 Breath/ Military Checkpoint
Gonzales .09 Breath/ Military Checkpoint
Greer .08/.09 Breath/Blood/Speeding
Guiterrez .15/.17 Breath/No headlights
Gunion 0.17 Blood/Breath/Ignition running in #1 lane + Under 21 years old
Hammett .07/.08 Breath
Harris .15/.16 Breath/Failed to go on green
Hauck 0.11 Blood/Speeding + Prior
Heinonen 0.1 Blood/Headlight not on
Heras 0.16 Breath/Exhibition of Speed-squealing
Hersum .07/.08 Blood/Breath/Speeding/Tailgating + Under 21
Holman .1/.1 Breath/Blood/Driving wrong way
Hughes 0.03 Breath + Under 21/No Seatbelt
Iburg 0.08 Breath/Impede Right of Way
Jackson 0.15 Breath/Refusal
Johnson 0.16 Blood/Weaving
Johnson 0.15 Breath + Under 21 years old
Johnston .14/.15 Breath/Accident
Khlevnoy Neg Op Excessive Points
Kohrig 0.16 Breath
Kowalski 0.08 Breath
Kruger 0.19 Blood/Accident, no license
Lam 0.16 Breath/Under 21
Larsen Drugs Blood+Prior
Latifzad 0.07 Breath/Blood/Accident/retrograde extrapolation
Le Drugs Blood/Accident
Levine Neg Op Excessive Points
Lind 0.17 Blood/Failure to use turn signal
Livingston Ref Forced Blood .23-Refusal/Swerving
Lopez Refusal Blood
Lowe 0.15 Blood/Wide turns
Malaer .08/.07 Breath/Inoperable license plate & brake lights
Maldonado .20/.21 Breath/unsafe speed
Martin 0.08 Breath/Stopped on side of road
Martineau 0.25 Blood/Speeding + Straddling
McCarthy .09/.10 Breath/Drove to Military gate
McMahon 0.11 Blood/Speeding
Mikules Refusal Forced Blood/Failure to maintain lane, no signal
Montoya 0.15 Breath/Weaving
Mudge .07/.08 Breath/Excessive speed for conditions
Munoz Neg Op Excessive Points
Nambo .18/.17 Breath/Accident
Name BAC% Type of Test/Other
Navarro 0.18 Blood/Failure to stop behind line
Notargiacomi .07/Dr Blood-Cocaine/Cell Phone Use + Prior
Ortiz 0.14 Blood/ Accident
Parish 0.05 Breath/Accident
Patil .07/.09 Blood/Breath/Weaving
Patton 0.15 Blood/Urinating in Public
Peter 0.16 Forced Blood/95 mph + Refusal
Philip 0.11 Breath
Porter .19/.18 Breath/Erratic Driving, weaving + Prior
Porter 0.08 Breath/Military Base Gate + Prior
Proctor .08/.09 Breath/El Centro Bureau of Land Management + Prior
Purkey .08/.07 Breath – Under 21/Checkpoint
Ramirez 0.1 Breath/Stopped by MP at Gate
Rangel .17/.19 Breath/DUI Checkpoint
Reason 0.07 Breath, Driving in Bike Lane
Reinicke 0.11 Blood/Wrong side, nearly hit cop
Rinard .08/.07 Breath
Roberts 0.2 Blood
Rudden 0.19 Blood/Speeding
Sanchez Refusal Blood/Parked on road
Sattler .01/ .01 Breath, DUI Probation + Prior, Driving without lights
Scales 0.18 Breath + Accident
Schaefer .04/.03 Breath/Speeding + Under 21
Schmidt 0.16 Breath/Red Light/Speed+ Prior
Schwartz 0.12 Blood/Weaving
Serrano 0.11 Breath/Officer Miller
Sharpnack 0.25% Blood+Prior/Accident
Shell .08/.07 Breath/Failure to signal when turning
Shepard Medical Blood/Accident
Shoemaker 09/.10 Breath
Shubert .08/.06 Breath
Sorooshian .13/.14 Breath/Stopped to use cell phone
Spindler .06/.08 Blood/Breath
Sticka 0.16 Breath/Tailgating
Suley .05/Dr Blood-Ecstasy/Erratic
Tapia 0.08 Breath/ Speeding
Thalman 0.03% Blood
Thomas 0.16 Blood/Unauthorized BL. Drawer
Thurm 0.11 Breath/Weaving + Speeding
Valdez .10/.11 Breath/ DUI Checkpoint
Vanbibber 0.09 Breath/Disregard signal
Vannie .13 Breath/Accident
Vera Cruz 0.17 Blood/Weaving side to side
Wait 0.021 Breath/Under 21-no headlights
Watkins 0.15 Breath/Military Base Gate
Weaver 0.15 Blood/Straddling
Whitcomb .26/.27 Breath/Accident + Prior
Whiteman 0.08 Blood + Accident
Wilson 0.19 Blood/Drifting + Child in car
Woody .09/.10% Breath+Under 21/ Checkpoint
Yeargin 0.09 Breath
Zuckerman 0.08 Breath/Accident

DMV Orders of Set Aside (of each DMV suspension action) are public records, available upon request. Above are all DMV victories resulting in saving driver license or privileges- avoiding DMV APS suspensions ranging from 4 months to 1 or 2 years.

Every case Mr. Mueller defends is different with respect to the facts, strategy and/or tactic. The victories listed were dependent on the facts of the particular cases. The results will differ if based on different facts. The victories do not in themselves constitute or guarantee a prediction in your DMV or DUI outcome. Of course, your likelihood of prevailing significantly increases if you hire a DUI Specialist.

Victories April 9, 2015

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