Why use a San Diego DUI Lawyer Specialist

You want a vigorous DUI lawyer to make sure you do not return to jail and who has extensive experience in DUI & DMV matters like yours.

BBB RatingIf you were arrested or detained for DUI / Driving Under the Influence, you likely need to save your license. Complete my evaluation form to discover how I immediately help to try to save your driving privilege and perhaps your employment.

Retaining a Top Drunk Driving Specialist is your best chance for winning. I am consistently able to get excellent results in different situations. Almost every case I have handled has been a win or success since my clients were satisfied with the outcome.

When you complete my free San Diego DUI Evaluation form today, you will soon find out:

  • You are ready to make the right selection of an attorney.
  • I am recognized by the California DUI Lawyers Association as a Specialist.
  • While no guarantee, I will try to beat the charge(s).
  • I am not just a “mouth-piece” – I am a “hired gun.”

In most cases, you do not have to testify or appear in court or at the DMV Hearing. I am admitted before the United States Supreme Court. I have been a Judge Pro Tem. I have handled trials since 1983. I have won cases throughout Southern and Northern California.

In this past year, most of the criminal matters I have handled successfully resulted in charges or enhancements dropped, reduced or dismissed. In getting you the best outcome, I will always try to minimize your economic and legal exposure.

“A person who tries to represent himself or herself has a fool for a lawyer.” If you have assets or a job, you likely do not qualify for a public defender. And public defenders do not handle the critical DMV license suspension hearings.

The Bottom Line: You want – and I get you – results!

Why DUI Specialist April 9, 2015