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Negligent Operator DMV Hearing (Excessive DMV Points)

Saving your California or out of state driver’s license

DMV suspensions and hearings

What must be done within 10 days of a San Diego DUI arrest

San Diego DUI courts and DMV

San Diego DUI breath test defenses

San Diego DUI blood test defenses

San Diego DUI Probation Violation .01% and 1 Year DMV Suspension

Avoiding a San Diego DUI

Military base DUI

San Diego DUI expungement

San Diego DUI attorney and lecturer’s exclusive drunk driving defense biography

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San Diego DUI Attorney Consultation

What you must do within 10 days of being arrested

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San Diego County Public Defender?

How can you know if you found a qualified San Diego California DUI Lawyer for yourself? Various types of lawyers handle San Diego drunk driving cases, including public defenders, general practitioners, criminal defense lawyers, and DUI Specialist attorneys.

Some excellent questions to begin asking when searching for the best San Diego California DUI lawyer are:

  • What are his/her California DUI attorney’s qualifications?
  • Is he/she the best – a Specialist member of the California DUI Lawyers Association?
  • How long has he/she been a member of the National College for DUI Defense?
  • Does he/she teach other attorneys in San Diego how to handle DUI cases?
  • Is he/she a Contributing Editor to the Bible for California DUI Defense – California Drunk Driving Law?
  • Was he/she recently asked to be a Contributing Editor/Author to the best-selling DUI book: Attacking and Defending Drunk Driving Tests?
  • Does he/she maintain a library of DUI materials, books, manuals, studies, memos, points & authorities and documents solely designed to help a person accused of a San Diego County DUI?
  • How much of his/her practice is DUI Defense?
  • Is he/she quick and thorough when responding to emailed questions or concerns?

I am a drug and alcohol counselor. The San Diego DUI Attorney is by far the best DUI attorney. He wins more DMV cases than any lawyer. He is a SHARK in court but a VERY KIND HUMAN being with his clients. He is a rare attorney who actually understands and cares. He IS HONEST. I have had more clients happy with him than any other attorney. I refer all of my clients to him and they all are happy.

Written by: J.L.

I hired the San Diego DUI Attorney to represent me in my second DUI case. He got a very favorable offer from the D.A. and kept me out of jail.

Written by: Steven

After the bail out, I needed to find the absolutely VERY BEST DUI attorney on the face of this earth and gratefully, I did! Do not go any further in your search. The San Diego DUI Attorney literally 'wrote the book(s)'. He puts you quickly at ease with his incredible timely response to your initial call and that is only the beginning. He is straight-forward. He will get you the best possible outcome.

Written by: Michael

Paying the San Diego DUI Attorney's retainer was the best money I ever spent. If you find yourself in a critical situation like a DUI, you really need someone like the San Diego DUI Attorney … knowledgeable, experienced and most of all someone you can count on.

Written by: Abbie

I am an out of state attorney.  I located the San Diego DUI Attorney online. What a fortuitous choice!  He knows the law, the players involved and is the most responsive (email or phone) attorney with whom I have ever dealt with.  He achieved a fair and good result and greatly eased our minds.

Written by: Dick W.

I didn't know how to handle my DUI and was more than a little scared. That disappeared after getting in touch with the San Diego DUI Attorney. After a lot of online research I saw that he had a great reputation and top-tier experience. I knew he was someone I could trust. From the get-go he took charge, made me well aware of what was going on and responded to all my questions on the day I asked them.

Written by: Dan

*These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

Whether or not you ultimately end up hiring a San Diego California DUI & DMV Defense Lawyer Specialist with this much experience, it is a smart idea to look closely at the credentials of a California DUI Lawyer Specialist in this highly complex field.

US Mail Privacy Warning: San Diego Attorneys Mail You “DUI” Mail After Your Arrest!

You may be feeling a little down. It gets more depressing when you see your mail. Don’t want persons living at your home to know you were arrested? Hurry home. Why? San Diego attorneys send “Jail Mail.” Some San Diego lawyers pay $ for your name and address. They solicit you with outdated, invasive, and unreliable “DUI” letters.

Your mailbox gets filled with embarrassing words printed on the envelopes, such as:
  • DUI
  • Drunk Driving
  • Arrested
  • Former Prosecutor
  • Court-related
  • DMV
  • Legal advertisment
  • Urgent
  • Law Offices
  • Attorney

If you are looking for a cheap lawyer, you may want to read some Junk Mail. (Coupons & rebates are enclosed in some letters.) On the other hand, for obvious reasons, you probably want to retain the best San Diego DUI & DMV Defense Lawyer you can afford.

Remember: Good San Diego lawyers are not cheap. Cheap San Diego lawyers are usually not any good. And whether or not the lawyer or attorney sending mail in San Diego are really DUI lawyers or DUI attorneys is an important Question.

[Please note:  The best San Diego DUI Lawyer does not compete with these solicitation mail lawyers.]