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  1. San Diego DUI charge can also lead to Murder charge if someone killed
    9-Feb-17 • 0 Comment
  2. Uber may not reduce San Diego DUI but is still good idea
    28-Jul-16 • 0 Comment
  3. “Most Feared San Diego DUI Lawyer,” 1 of “10 Best DUI Attorneys in California”
    8-Jun-16 • 0 Comment
  4. 5 nanograms level of THC Marijuana and swab testing bills defeated
    2-Jun-16 • 0 Comment
  5. Drunk driving declines, while Driving with Marijuana rises
    9-May-16 • 0 Comment
  6. Police use oral fluid drug-screening tests if probable cause for DUI?
    9-Apr-16 • 0 Comment
  7. Why Marijuana DUI is hard to scientifically prove
    12-Feb-16 • 0 Comment
  8. San Diego County DUI Law Center Google Reviews for San Diego DUI .com Attorney
    29-Jan-16 • 0 Comment
  9. Can an Employer Fire You for a San Diego DUI Arrest prior to a conviction?
    14-Jan-16 • 0 Comment
  10. New San Diego DUI Checkpoint locations – avoid Valentine’s Day arrest
    9-Jan-16 • 0 Comment
  11. Do San Diego DMV Managers interfere with DUI hearing officers’ decisions?
    24-Dec-15 • 0 Comment
  12. DUI Facts and Results by San Diego DUI Attorney Specialist
    22-Dec-15 • 0 Comment
  13. Google “gravely disappointed” by DMV’s draft regulation that Self-Driving Cars Must Have Licensed Driver Behind Wheel
    18-Dec-15 • 0 Comment
  14. News Release for San Diego DUI Attorneys: Alcohol & Drug Course
    17-Dec-15 • 0 Comment
  15. Refusal of blood or breath test should not be a California crime, in the absence of a warrant
    16-Dec-15 • 0 Comment
  16. California DUI Cop Shoots Suspected DUI Driver for no Good Reason
    14-Dec-15 • 0 Comment
  17. Accident + Injuries + Alcohol & BAC = DUI
    12-Dec-15 • 0 Comment
  18. Ignition Interlock Devices for San Diego DUI
    4-Dec-15 • 0 Comment
  19. Safer to use Uber or Lyft or risk a San Diego DUI?
    30-Nov-15 • 0 Comment
  20. San Diego DUI Attorney News & Life Help
    29-Nov-15 • 0 Comment
  21. Thanksgiving Holiday San Diego DUI Lawyer News
    26-Nov-15 • Comments Off on Thanksgiving Holiday San Diego DUI Lawyer News
  22. DUI Attorney avoids 60 days San Diego jail
    26-Nov-15 • 0 Comment
  23. Do not blow in PAS breath test if stopped for San Diego DUI
    18-Nov-15 • 0 Comment
  24. San Diego DUI checkpoints & patrols – Friday, August 21st through Labor Day on Monday, September 7th
    21-Aug-15 • 0 Comment
  25. 4 kinds of DUI drivers because 4 kinds of drunks, San Diego DUI attorneys wonder?
    19-Jul-15 • 0 Comment
  26. 4th of July San Diego California DUI Message and Checkpoint Locations
    3-Jul-15 • 0 Comment
  27. San Diego DUI Arrests up Memorial Day Weekend
    25-May-15 • 0 Comment
  28. Proposed Driving-Drugs Law for consent requirement that a California driver gives consent to new saliva swab testing for drugs
    13-May-15 • 0 Comment
  29. California DUI attorneys explain new adverse Coffey DMV ruling
    19-Feb-15 • 0 Comment

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